List of Igbo Names and Their Meanings

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Name Gender Abbreviation Meaning
Total 50 names
Rapuokwu Male Avoid Problem Rapuokwu
Jamuike Male Motivate me OR INSPIRE me OR Encourage me. Ike
Udobata Unique May peace enter or Let there be peace Udo
Jeneta or Jenete Male Go and see whether it is really true Neta
Jideofor Male Stand with truth/evidence Jide
Ugochukwutubelum Male God special gift to me. Ugochukwu or Ugoo
Akabueze Male Action rules. Eze
Amaogechukwu Female God's time is the best. Amaoge
Somadina Male May I not be alone. Som
Jibunoh Male Yam make the home Jibunoh
Onodugoadiegbemma Male Conditions are getting better now Onodugo
Ijeawele Male Safe journey. Ije
Ugonna Male God's Pride or Fathers Pride Ugoo
Ijeagha Male The journey of war. Ije
Dike Male Brave Man OR Strong Man. Dike
Onuchukwu Unique God words. Onu
Otitodilinna or Otitodilichukwu or Otitodiliolisa Male Thank be to God. Otito
Uzomma Female Good road/journey Uzo
Madukaego Female A person is worth more than wealth. Mmaduka
Adamma or Adanma Female Precious Daughter or Beautiful Daughter Ada
Ibeamaka Male There is Love in Companion Ibe
Igwebuike Male Unity is strength
Onuora or Onuoha Male Voice of the People. OR People's opinion Onu
Onochie Female A replacement. Ono
Onyemauchechi or Onyemauchechukwu Unique Who knows God's intention Uchechi
Adaeze or Adaezennaya or Adaobi Female Daughter of a king. Ada
Golibe or Gboliwe or Goliwe Unique Rejoice Goli
Halim Unique Leave it to me. Halim
Ijebusomma Female The journey is smooth.
Akwaugo Female Precious daughter. Ugo
Sochima Unique Only God knows Chima
Mamelu or Muomelu Male God created.
Ozoemena Male Let there be no more(esp. bad things). Ozo
Yobanna Unique Beg God; Ask God Yoba
Osonduagwuike Male There is no boredom in the pursuit of life/happiness Osondu
Uwakwe Male If the world agree Uwaa
Dilibe or Diribe Male May you be accessible/helpful to people, friends and families Ibe
Akubundu Male Wealth is life. Aku
Zikoranaudodimma Unique Show the world to emulate peace Udodimma
Mbadiwe Male Unity is strength. Mba
Uchechukwu Unique God Wish; God Will Uche
Onyemaechi Male Who Knows tomorrow Amaechi
Maduabuchim Unique No one is my God. No one can determine what my future/destiny will be. Mmadu OR Abuchi
Uzoamaka Female The journey is good or the road is good. Uzo or Amaka
Uwaezuoke Male No one has it all Uwaezu
Afamefula or Afamefuna Male Let my legacy remain forever. Afam
Uchenna Unique God Wish/Will or Father's Will/Wish Uche
Lotachukwu or Lotanna Unique Always remember God in whatever you endeavor. Lota
Yobachukwu Unique Ask God Yoba
Ozuluonye Male Who has it all? Ozulu