List of Igbo Names and Their Meanings

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Name Gender Abbreviation Meaning
Total 50 names
Ijendu Unique Journey of life. Ije
Adaoha or Adaora Female Daughter of the people. Ada
Uwaezuoke Male No one has it all Uwaezu
Mgbeke Female Born on Eke(one of the four Igbo Market days)
Akumjeli Unique Wealth that I will enjoy. Aku
Onwuatuegwu Male Not Afriad of Death
Ibekwe Male If people agree. Ibe
Uzomma Female Good road/journey Uzo
Mgbankwo Female Born on Nkwo(one of Igbo four market days) day.
Adamma or Adanma Female Precious Daughter or Beautiful Daughter Ada
Ifesinachi Female Gift from God
Dike Male Brave Man OR Strong Man. Dike
Mgbafor Female Born in Afor(One of Igbo four market days)
Azikiwe Male Better to be angry than hateful. Zik
Afamefula or Afamefuna Male Let my legacy remain forever. Afam
Akobundu Male Knowledge is power. Ndu
Ajuluchukwu Male We Ask God. Ajulu
Halim Unique Leave it to me. Halim
Belonwu Male Accept death, there is nothing that can stop you. Belo
Buchi Male Is God Buchi
Ugochukwu Male God's pride Ugoo
Onyemaechi Male Who Knows tomorrow Amaechi
Ibezimako Male People have taught me a lesson/wisdom. Ibe
Amauchechukwu or Amauchenna Female Who knows God's mind Amauche
Daluchi or Daluchineke Female Thank God. Dalu
Ikechukwu Male Power of God. IK
Ijeagha Male The journey of war. Ije
Beluchi Male Respect God or Fear God. Belu
Somayina Male May I not travel (or sojourn) alone. Som
Otitodilinna or Otitodilichukwu or Otitodiliolisa Male Thank be to God. Otito
Osonduagwuike Male There is no boredom in the pursuit of life/happiness Osondu
Gwamniru Female Say it or tell it to my face OR Be brave to say it. Gwam
Akabueze Male Action rules. Eze
Uwakwe Male If the world agree Uwaa
Udobata Unique May peace enter or Let there be peace Udo
Akunna Female Father's wealth. Aku
Uloma Female Good home or Good family Ulo
Iloabuchi Male Your enemy is not God. Ilo
Cheluchi Female Wait onto God Chelu or Chichi
Ositadimma Male Let all be well from now. Ossy or Osita
Akubundu Male Wealth is life. Aku
Yobaolisah Male Ask God or Beg God. Yoba
Udegbunam Male Let my generosity prevail. Ude
Ozuluonye Male Who has it all? Ozulu
Onaedo Female Gold or Priceless Ona
Ijeawele Male Safe journey. Ije
Ijebusomma Female The journey is smooth.
Udokamma Unique Peace is better than war Udoka
Ikemefuna Male May my heritage remain forever. Ikem
Adaeke Female Born on Eke(on of Igbo four market days) day. Ada