List of Igbo Names and Their Meanings

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Name Gender Abbreviation Meaning
Total 50 names
Mbadiwe Male Unity is strength. Mba
Somadina Male May I not be alone. Som
Ibezimako Male People have taught me a lesson/wisdom. Ibe
Lotachukwu or Lotanna Unique Always remember God in whatever you endeavor. Lota
Yobachi Unique Ask God; Beg God. Yoba
Onyekachi or Onyekachukwu Male Who is great than God. Onyeka
Zikoranaudodimma Unique Show the world to emulate peace Udodimma
Uzodimma Female The road is good or the journey is good. Uzo
Ijeoma Female Good journey. OR Safe Journey Ij
Adaku Female Precious/treasured daughter. Ada
Isioma Female Good luck
Iloerika Unique The enemies are ubiquitous.
Osonduagwuike Male There is no boredom in the pursuit of life/happiness Osondu
Onochie Female A replacement. Ono
Beluchi Male Respect God or Fear God. Belu
Zikoranachidimma Female Show the world how great is the Lord/God. Chidimma
Adaugo Female Precious daughter. Ada
Dilibe or Diribe Male May you be accessible/helpful to people, friends and families Ibe
Ajuluchukwu Male We Ask God. Ajulu
Iweobiegbulam Unique May I never die of anger or hatred.
Mbanefo Male New town has been created Mba
Adaeke Female Born on Eke(on of Igbo four market days) day. Ada
Madukaife Male A person is worth more than property. Mmadu
Zinachukwudi Unique Shows that God exist. Chikwudi or Zina
Akudinobi Unique Wealth is in the heart. Aku
Akabueze Male Action rules. Eze
Sopuluchi or Sopuluchukwu Male Respect God Sopulu
Halim Unique Leave it to me. Halim
Udegbunam Male Let my generosity prevail. Ude
Ifunanya Female Love Ifu
Dumetochukwu or Dumetolisa Male Join me in praising the Lord. Dumeto
Cheluchi Female Wait onto God Chelu or Chichi
Jamuike Male Motivate me OR INSPIRE me OR Encourage me. Ike
Ikenna Male Power of God.
Jeneta or Jenete Male Go and see whether it is really true Neta
Mgbeke Female Born on Eke(one of the four Igbo Market days)
Igwebuike Male Unity is strength
Yobaolisah Male Ask God or Beg God. Yoba
Belonwu Male Accept death, there is nothing that can stop you. Belo
Akumjeli Unique Wealth that I will enjoy. Aku
Ozioma Unique Good news Ozioma
Daluchi or Daluchineke Female Thank God. Dalu
Ugochukwutubelum Male God special gift to me. Ugochukwu or Ugoo
Mamelu or Muomelu Male God created.
Onyemauchechi or Onyemauchechukwu Unique Who knows God's intention Uchechi
Azubuike Male Experience is the best teacher. OR We become strong by experience. Buike
Rapuluchukwu Male Leave everything to God. Rapulu
Ifeatu Male A role model Ify
Onyekaozulu Male Who is satisfy with his/her possession? Onyeka
Amaogechukwu Female God's time is the best. Amaoge