List of Igbo Names and Their Meanings

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Name Gender Abbreviation Meaning
Total 50 names
Ibeabuchi Male No one is my God. Ibe
Uzomma Female Good road/journey Uzo
Mgborie Female Born on Orie(one of Igbo four market days) day.
Udokamma Unique Peace is better than war Udoka
Sochima Unique Only God knows Chima
Onuora or Onuoha Male Voice of the People. OR People's opinion Onu
Ozioma Unique Good news Ozioma
Anayochukwu or Anayolisa Unique When we ask God Anayo
Amaogechukwu Female God's time is the best. Amaoge
Ijeli Unique Uncountable. Ijeli
Buchi Male Is God Buchi
Uwakwe Male If the world agree Uwaa
Ugonnatubelum Male God special gift to me. Ugoo or Ugonna
Adaku Female Precious/treasured daughter. Ada
Ositadimma Male Let all be well from now. Ossy or Osita
Onochie Female A replacement. Ono
Jibunoh Male Yam make the home Jibunoh
Ozoemena Male Let there be no more(esp. bad things). Ozo
Akunna Female Father's wealth. Aku
Ijeagha Male The journey of war. Ije
Amauchechukwu or Amauchenna Female Who knows God's mind Amauche
Onyemauchechi or Onyemauchechukwu Unique Who knows God's intention Uchechi
Belonwu Male Accept death, there is nothing that can stop you. Belo
Iloabuchi Male Your enemy is not God. Ilo
Uloma Female Good home or Good family Ulo
Ikemefuna Male May my heritage remain forever. Ikem
Ifunanya Female Love Ifu
Ugochukwu Male God's pride Ugoo
Mgbankwo Female Born on Nkwo(one of Igbo four market days) day.
Ibekwe Male If people agree. Ibe
Ukamaka Female There is a great advantage in union. Ukaa or Amaka
Onodugoadiegbemma Male Conditions are getting better now Onodugo
Mukoso Unique It pleases me.
Urunwa Female Child is good. Uru
Jideofor Male Stand with truth/evidence Jide
Adamma or Adanma Female Precious Daughter or Beautiful Daughter Ada
Dumetochukwu or Dumetolisa Male Join me in praising the Lord. Dumeto
Akudinobi Unique Wealth is in the heart. Aku
Madueke Male Humans don't create except God. Madueke
Halim Unique Leave it to me. Halim
Udegbulam Male Let my generosity prevail Ude
Ugochukwutubelum Male God special gift to me. Ugochukwu or Ugoo
Ajuluchukwu Male We Ask God. Ajulu
Onuchukwu Unique God words. Onu
Jeneta or Jenete Male Go and see whether it is really true Neta
Ijendu Unique Journey of life. Ije
Abazu Male You never get rich enough (so be satisfied with what you have). Aba
Mgbeke Female Born on Eke(one of the four Igbo Market days)
Isioma Female Good luck
Ubanwa Unique May our family multiply. Uba