List of Igbo Names and Their Meanings

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Name Gender Abbreviation Meaning
Total 50 names
Ibekwe Male If people agree. Ibe
Azubuike Male Experience is the best teacher. OR We become strong by experience. Buike
Munachiso Unique I am with God. I am in unity with God. Chiso
Ijeagha Male The journey of war. Ije
Onuora or Onuoha Male Voice of the People. OR People's opinion Onu
Buchi Male Is God Buchi
Onyinyechukwuka Female God's gift/blessing is the best. Onyinye
Adaeke Female Born on Eke(on of Igbo four market days) day. Ada
Adaoha or Adaora Female Daughter of the people. Ada
Tochukwu Or Tobenna OrTobeolisa Unique Thank God. Praise God. Tobby or Toto or Tochi
Jamuike Male Motivate me OR INSPIRE me OR Encourage me. Ike
Daluchi or Daluchineke Female Thank God. Dalu
Zikoranaudodimma Unique Show the world to emulate peace Udodimma
Halim Unique Leave it to me. Halim
Uwakwe Male If the world agree Uwaa
Ijeawele Male Safe journey. Ije
Afamefula or Afamefuna Male Let my legacy remain forever. Afam
Ijeoma Female Good journey. OR Safe Journey Ij
Urunwa Female Child is good. Uru
Maduabuchim Unique No one is my God. No one can determine what my future/destiny will be. Mmadu OR Abuchi
Amarachi or Amarachukwu Female God's grace. Amarachi
Ifeanyichukwu Male With God everything is possible Ify
Adaku Female Precious/treasured daughter. Ada
Ugochukwutubelum Male God special gift to me. Ugochukwu or Ugoo
Mgbankwo Female Born on Nkwo(one of Igbo four market days) day.
Mamelu or Muomelu Male God created.
Hanyechukwu or Hanyeolisah or Hanyechi Unique Leave it to God. Hanye
Sopuluchi or Sopuluchukwu Male Respect God Sopulu
Madueke Male Humans don't create except God. Madueke
Iloerika Unique The enemies are ubiquitous.
Madukaego Female A person is worth more than wealth. Mmaduka
Dike Male Brave Man OR Strong Man. Dike
Isioma Female Good luck
Otitodilinna or Otitodilichukwu or Otitodiliolisa Male Thank be to God. Otito
Amaluchukwu Male If we know God. OR Do we know God. Amalu
Ijeli Unique Uncountable. Ijeli
Akuabia Male Wealth has arrived. Aku
Munachimso Female I am in unity with God.
Ikenna Male Power of God.
Udegbulam Male Let my generosity prevail Ude
Mgborie Female Born on Orie(one of Igbo four market days) day.
Osonduagwuike Male There is no boredom in the pursuit of life/happiness Osondu
Uloma Female Good home or Good family Ulo
Osinachi Male From God. Ossy
Lotachukwu or Lotanna Unique Always remember God in whatever you endeavor. Lota
Akudinobi Unique Wealth is in the heart. Aku
Adaugo Female Precious daughter. Ada
Yobaolisah Male Ask God or Beg God. Yoba
Uchenna Unique God Wish/Will or Father's Will/Wish Uche
Zinachukwudi Unique Shows that God exist. Chikwudi or Zina