List of Igbo Names and Their Meanings

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Name Gender Abbreviation Meaning
Total 50 names
Ugonnatubelum Male God special gift to me. Ugoo or Ugonna
Anayochukwu or Anayolisa Unique When we ask God Anayo
Osonduagwuike Male There is no boredom in the pursuit of life/happiness Osondu
Abazu Male You never get rich enough (so be satisfied with what you have). Aba
Rapuokwu Male Avoid Problem Rapuokwu
Ugonna Male God's Pride or Fathers Pride Ugoo
Halim Unique Leave it to me. Halim
Mgborie Female Born on Orie(one of Igbo four market days) day.
Uzodimma Female The road is good or the journey is good. Uzo
Maduabuchim Unique No one is my God. No one can determine what my future/destiny will be. Mmadu OR Abuchi
Ijebusomma Female The journey is smooth.
Ifunanya Female Love Ifu
Ifeoma Female Great thing OR Good thing
Onaedo Female Gold or Priceless Ona
Adaeke Female Born on Eke(on of Igbo four market days) day. Ada
Madueke Male Humans don't create except God. Madueke
Madukwe Male If Humans agree. Madukwe
Tochukwu Or Tobenna OrTobeolisa Unique Thank God. Praise God. Tobby or Toto or Tochi
Ikedinachukwu Male There is power in God. Ikedi
Beluchi Male Respect God or Fear God. Belu
Onyinyechukwuka Female God's gift/blessing is the best. Onyinye
Akabueze Male Action rules. Eze
Onyemauchechi or Onyemauchechukwu Unique Who knows God's intention Uchechi
Zikoranaudodimma Unique Show the world to emulate peace Udodimma
Madukaego Female A person is worth more than wealth. Mmaduka
Sochima Unique Only God knows Chima
Azikiwe Male Better to be angry than hateful. Zik
Lotachukwu or Lotanna Unique Always remember God in whatever you endeavor. Lota
Urunwa Female Child is good. Uru
Akobundu Male Knowledge is power. Ndu
Akubundu Male Wealth is life. Aku
Uwaezuoke Male No one has it all Uwaezu
Onodugoadiegbemma Male Conditions are getting better now Onodugo
Ikemefuna Male May my heritage remain forever. Ikem
Onwuatuegwu Male Not Afriad of Death
Mamelu or Muomelu Male God created.
Uloma Female Good home or Good family Ulo
Adamma or Adanma Female Precious Daughter or Beautiful Daughter Ada
Ozioma Unique Good news Ozioma
Jibunoh Male Yam make the home Jibunoh
Yobachi Unique Ask God; Beg God. Yoba
Ugochukwu Male God's pride Ugoo
Solumtobechukwu Male Praise the Lord/God with me. Solum or Tobechukwu
Fumnanya Female Love Me. Ifuu
Akudinobi Unique Wealth is in the heart. Aku
Yobanna Unique Beg God; Ask God Yoba
Ukamaka Female There is a great advantage in union. Ukaa or Amaka
Dilibe or Diribe Male May you be accessible/helpful to people, friends and families Ibe
Zinachukwudi Unique Shows that God exist. Chikwudi or Zina
Onochie Female A replacement. Ono